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Almost all health problems start at stomach. You can keep many diseases at bay, if you keep your stomach happy, with Ayurveda

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Welcome to Dr Monga Clinic

Celebrating 70+ Glorious years of totally ethical Ayurveda practice

Your search for the best Ayurveda Clinic and Ayurveda Doctors in Delhi NCR ends here.  Dr. Monga Clinic boasts of a dedicated team of Ayurveda Doctors, Advisors, Strategists, counseling personnel and satisfied patients.  Driven by the thoughts, wisdom and inspiration of late Dr. R P Monga – the founder of Dr. Monga Clinic, we are committed to restore the faith of people in India’s very own and age-old science of health care – “Ayurveda”.  We are known for our effective treatment for hair|skin|piles|physiological issues|diabetes|weight, and other health and wellness issues.

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Dr Monga Clinic has expertise in treatment for hair|skin|piles|sexual issues|diabetes|weight

Dr Monga Hair Problems Solutions
Dr Monga Diabetes Treatment
Dr Monga Premature Ejaculation Treatment
Dr Monga Piles Treatment

Trust Factors

68 Glorious years of Ayurveda Practice. History of Dr. Monga Clinic is more than six decades old, started by late Dr Ram Prakash Monga, we are carrying on with the legacy for the cause of mankind.
Over 6 Lakh happy patients.  So far we have successfully treated numerous patients with the goodness of Ayurveda, for disorders of hair, stomach, skin, physique, and biological problems.
We have State-of-the-art Clinics with modern facilities to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.  We also keep in touch with our patients, fans  and followers on social media.
We prescribe 100% Ethical Prescriptions based on the most ancient science of healthcare, called Ayurveda.  Our unique formulations of natural herbs and extracts produce most effective results.

Campaign of the month

Are you no longer able to sit ‘properly’? You might be suffering from Piles!

Piles can turn from discomfort into a menace by creating serious discomforts in life requiring medical attention. Although all lower abdominal pains need not be associated with Piles, but pain is the first sign of development of Piles there.  Hence, a proper diagnose is important to ascertain the relation between pain and Piles. Piles may occur because of excessive junk food, read meat, oily, salty, sweet, and spicy food, frequent consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking etc., that slow down digestion process.  Apart from junk food, tension, worries, stress, lack of physical activities, taking of frequent allopathic medicines like Aspirin or pain killers also increase chances of Piles.

Meet the Experts

Dr Jyoti Arora Monga | treatment for hair|skin|piles|sexual issues|diabetes|height|weight

Dr Jyoti Arora Monga

B.A.M.S., M.D. (India)
Ayurveda Practitioner, Female Biological Disorders Expert

Dr Jyoti firmly believes that “to stay fit and happy, Ayurveda is the key”  Her knowledge on Ayurveda has won her a respectable status amongst her patients.  More like a friend to her patients, Dr Jyoti is a fun loving person, listens to good music, and watches movies.

Dr Yuvraj Monga | treatment for hair|skin|piles|sexual issues|diabetes|height|weight

Dr Yuvraj Monga

M.B.B.S., M.D. (India)
General Physician; Male Biological Issues Expert

Dr Yuvraj is taking his father – Late Dr Ram Prakash Monga’s legacy forward in extending the goodness of Ayurveda in ethical manner to the new generation.  A jovial person, Dr Yuvraj likes to spend time reading books and listening to music, and keeps himself updated on socio-economic subjects.

Our Clinic

 Dr Monga Clinic Front Officeclinic of dr monga clinic | treatment for hair|skin|piles|sexual issues|diabetes|height|weightclinic of dr monga clinic | treatment for hair|skin|piles|sexual issues|diabetes|height|weight

Our Happy Patients

I am thankful to you, Doctor Sahab, for prescribing me the special course to get rid of premature ejaculation. It has been very useful. However, I am keen to know whether the benefit will be permanent. If not, then please send me another course of treatment. *Om Dutt SharmaTeacher, Kathua (J&K)
I had taken a height gaining course a year ago and followed the instructions and as a result my height increased by 3 inches. Thank you for your assistance and please send me another course. I will pay the postman for the parcel. *J. BakshiArtist, Model Town, Jalandhar, Punjab
I had ordered a height gaining course and got it within 7 days and my height has increased by 3-4 cms since. I would like to have another course so that I can benefit maximum from the treatment. *Deepak Kr BansalGraduation, Bharatpur, (Rajasthan)
I received your letter & am glad to know that you are not only prescribing medications but also interested in knowing whether the patient has gained from their use. I had taken a course from you for my hair (both oral & application based) but had stopped in between for some time but now have restarted the course & also benefiting from it too. Hair fall has reduced. I would want to have thick, long & black hair so please send me another course. *Vidisha DheerShop owner, Katra, Jammu
my patient id is 363292. I had placed an order for weight reduction treatment and benefitted from it a lot. My weight has come down to 86kgs from 94kgs. My periods have regularized and there is a glow on my face too. I would be thankful to you if you send me another course. *Punam ChauhanHousewife, Narnoul – Zila Hisar (Haryana)
accept my regards. My friend had taken a height increasing course from you & gained 3-4 inches height. I too am hopeful, rather confident to benefit from your height increasing course. I am 17yrs of age weight 45kgs and my height is 5 feet. Please arrange to send me your height increasing course. I shall pay the postman your fees & collect the parcel. *Abdul RahmanStudent, Amrawati, Maharashtra