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 Acidity Specialist in delhi

Acidity Gastritis Specialist delhi

Dr. Monga Clinic has developed the expertise to treat very common to acute and chronic ailments which are associated with human body since evolution. We are into practice since 1950 and have successfully treated over 6 lakh patients suffering from various illness and diseases.

Our effective Ayurvedic formulations in combination with modern healthcare techniques have successfully treated patients suffering from Gastro-Intestinal (GI) or Stomach problems such as Acidity.

Though these disorders are very common and hundreds of various treatment options are available in various systems of modern as well as ancient medicine, getting full relief and managing them satisfactory still remains a challenge.

But so far, if patients testimonials are any yardstick to measure our success, then we have over thousands of written feedback from our happy patients.

Our treatment packages are very nominal and as such are affordable by every patient. Our main objective has always been to ‘cure’ patients and not ‘make’ patients.

Last but not the least, you have come to the right place for long lasting/permanent cure of Acidity. We are Acidity, Gastritis Specialist delhi who have a long list of happy patients who have got rid of acidity and Gastritis .

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