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Skin reflects your personality. Take good care of it.

Skin problems, like, allergies, acne  or pimples, pigmentation etc. happen for so many reasons and it is the foremost important thing to understand the root cause of skin problem before taking any medicine.

Skin allergy is the body’s over-reaction to one or more allergens. There are thousands of different allergens all around us and almost any substance can provoke an allergic reaction in someone (who is very sensitive) in our environment.

Types of Skin Problems

Atopic Dermatitis

Popularly known as eczema, atopic dermatitis is inflammation of epidermis (outer skin layer). On an average 5.7 million .i.e. one in every nine people has been diagnosed with eczema.

Atopic dermatitis mostly occurs in young children and may continue into adult life. In eczema the rash it typically red in colour, has small blister, and may flake as well. With aggressive scratching the problem is excoriated. Rashes on this particular type of skin allergy occur when a person scratches the skin.

  • During infancy these rashes occur on cheeks, chest and scalp.
  • In older children and adults the rashes are typically present on skin folds of the elbows, neck, hands, feet, face, behind the knees and back.


This type of skin allergy occurs when skin comes into contact with substance that can cause rash like reaction. People respond to different chemicals in a different manner. Chemicals such as cosmetics, hair dye, metals, topical medications and dental materials are some of the chemicals that can lead to this type of skin allergy.


Urticaria is a type of skin allergy wherein, there are notable pale red, itchy and raised bumps. Urticaria is commonly known as hives and can occur at any age. The rashes appear as red raised bumps of different shapes and sizes. The problem usually lasts from few minutes to few hours. Even in this small time frame it can be a nerve wracking experience for the person.
If you are having this particular skin allergy then make sure that you don’t scratch them, this can excoriate the problem.


Angioedema is commonly referred to as swelling. Mostly this problem occurs along with hives. Lips, eyes, hands and feet are areas prone to swelling. Angioedema tends to create burning and tickling sensation in skin but is generally not red or itchy. In case of severe swelling, skins ability to breathe is hampered and can be even dangerous as well as life-threatening.

What causes Skin Allergies?

If you are suffering from any skin problem, then do not ignore it and get it treated through Ayurveda by the best skin specialist doctors in Delhi NCR.  While other medicines may show improvement signs, but they cannot give permanent solution to skin problems, which Ayurveda can give.  We at Dr Monga Clinic specialise in treating skin related problems.

There are number of reasons due to which one may experience a skin problem.  You must have heard people saying that “such or such thing does not suit them and they get itches or rashes.”

  • Nickel (nickel sulfate hexahydrate). A metal frequently encountered in jewelry and clasps or buttons on clothing.
  • Gold (gold sodium thiosulfate). A precious metal often found in jewelry.
  • Balsam of Peru (myroxylon pereirae). A fragrance used in perfumes and skin lotions, derived from tree resin.
  • Thimerosal. A mercury compound used in local antiseptics and in as a preservative in some vaccines.
  • Neomycin sulfate. A topical antibiotic common in first aid creams and ointments, also found occasionally in cosmetics, deodorant, soap, and pet food
  • Fragrance mix. A group of the eight most common fragrance allergens found in foods, cosmetic products, insecticides, antiseptics, soaps, perfumes, and dental products.
  • Formaldehyde. A preservative with multiple uses. It’s found in paper products, paints, medications, household cleaners, cosmetic products, and fabric finishes.
  • Cobalt chloride. Metal found in medical products; hair dye; antiperspirant; objects plated in metal such as snaps, buttons or tools; and in cobalt blue pigment.
  • Bacitracin. A topical antibiotic.
  • Quaternium 15. A preservative found in cosmetic products such as self-tanners, shampoo, nail polish, and sunscreen or in industrial products such as polishes, paints, and waxes.

How Ayuveda helps prevent Skin Allergies and How do we treat Skin problems

ayurvedic skin specialist in DelhiDr. Monga Clinic have experience team of skin and Allergy specialists and their skin treatment is a result of the extensive research of our ayurvedic specialist. Our skin treatments consists of combination of 4 types of medicine and an oil which helps in

If feedback of our happy customer s are any indication then we can assure you that our medicine are 100% safe and till the date no case of side effects has been reported.


How long will it take me to get rid of this problem?

If the problem has come up recently (for some days/weeks) then we have patients who have got relief within 15 days time.  However, if the problem is old (months/years), then it might take upto 4-6 months for complete cure.

Does your treatment have side effects?

None reported till date.

Do you have Female Doctors?

Yes, for female patients we have qualified female Doctor.

How much does your treatment cost?

Our treatment packages are very nominal and economical.  However, the charges depend upon the severity of the problem.  You can call on +91-8010931122 for an estimate.

Do you deliver medicines over phone?

Yes, we do.

How do I book an Appointment?

You can either call on +91-7042424269 or Click Here to book your appointment.