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Over 70 years now, we have treated common to chronic ailments using the methods prescribed in Ayurveda in combination with modern medical science.  We have over 6.5 Lakh happy patients who have got solutions to their problems related to Gastro, Hair, Skin, Diabetes, BP, Male/Female Sexual issues, and Relationship issues.  Here are some of the written testimonials which we are happy to share with you:

What Our Happy Patients Say…

My Diabetes / Sugar is in control now

My father was suffering from diabetes for more than 5 years and this disease had led to many side effects which made my father very weak. He was under medication from a renowned diabetic Consultant of our city but there was hardly any improvement in his health. We all were worried a lot about his deteriorating condition. At that moment we came to know about Dr Yuvraj and we took my father to his Clinic in Lajpat Nagar. He went through all the tests of my father and started his treatment. His treatment coupled with his counselling worked amazingly and within just three weeks the sugar level of my father came down noticeably. We are extremely thankful to Dr Yuvraj for his nice and superb diabetic treatment. Till today my father is following his medicines and other diet plan properly and we can notice a huge improvement within him. Other side effects which caused due to high level of sugar have cured almost. Today my father is able to do work as he used to do before and he also feels that he is getting cured fast.  So, I will recommend the name of Dr Yuvraj to anyone who wants to control their diabetes.

Rakesh Sundriyal, Meerut

I got rid of my Gastro Intestinal / Stomach Problems

I am a foodie person and can’t imagine living a life without good food. But, constipation was a big problem for me which actually kept me away from enjoying the food I love. I used to get late for office for my constipation. But my life changed after consulting with Dr Yuvraj Monga at Dr Monga clinic.

Tamang Dawa, Gurgaon

I was suffering from this constant itching at my anal area.  Initially I did not pay attention to it, rather I used to derive relief by ‘itching’ myself.  But, that mistake cost me dearly.  It turned out to be ‘Piles‘. I went to a couple of doctors but their medicines brought relief only temporarily.  Finally I visited Dr Monga Clinic, where they treated me with Ayurvedic medicines and today after 1 year of suffering I am totally cured of this disgusting disease.  Thank you Dr Monga Clinic.

Raman Pahwa, Gurgaon

I never imagined that my 5 year old daughter could get Piles!  It was so painful for her and so worrying for us. But thank God, someone referred us to Dr Monga Clinic.  Their Ayurvedic treatment completely cured my baby.  Highly recommended.

Gurjeet Kaur, Faridabad

I had been suffering from Bleeding Piles. I almost lost hope to get cured of this disease, when my friend asked me to go and see Dr Yuvraj at Dr Monga Clinic.  He patiently listened to me, which none of the other doctors whom I visited did.  Then he properly diagnosed the problem before prescribing the medicines. He also advised me to bring about some lifestyle changes, which evetually helped me in getting rid of this issue.

Girish Gautam, Delhi

My Hair Problems are no more

“My Hair Problems are no more”

I bid adieu to my Skin Problems

“I bid adieu to my Skin Problems”

My Height Increased

“My Height Increased”

My body Weight reduced magically

My sister put on nearly 75 kilos weight within just one year. She is just 25 and this weight wass really troublesome for her. She was feeling so embarrassed that sometimes she avoided attending parties and family gatherings. We took her to many consultants for proper treatments but unfortunately, she did not get desired result. Then one of my friends informed me about Dr Yuvraj and we met him at his clinic – Dr Monga Clinic, in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. He did a complete check-up and advised some tests. On our next visit, after reading the test reports he sorted out the issues and started the treatment. He designed a proper diet chart for my sister which she followed properly and within just one month she lost about 10 kgs of weight. We are really thankful to Dr. Yuvraj that he has sorted out a big problem in my sister’s life. Nowadays she looks smart and gorgeous and moreover she looks more confident too. She has started attending family functions too and she is very happy with that. I will definitely recommend the name of Dr Yuvraj to my friends and relatives who are suffering with the same problem as my sister. Special treatment with diet counseling will do excellent work towards getting healthy body.

My problem of Premature Ejaculation is sorted

“My problem of Premature Ejaculation is sorted”

My Erectile Dysfunction is cured

“My Erectile Dysfunction is cured”

My Performance Anxiety is gone

“My Performance Anxiety is gone”

I found solution to my Libido Loss

“I found solution to my Libido Loss

My Infertility issues are over

My sister got married few years back but till today she is facing problem in conceiving a baby. She had certain problems which hindered her to conceive. She talked with many consultants but without any fruitful results. Then I suggested her to visit Dr. Monga Clinic. She visited there with her husband and she got excellent treatment by Dr Yuvraj there. Today she is completely cured of all sexual problems and now she is on her family way.

Soma Chowdhury, Kolkata

My Menstrual Disorders are set right

“My Menstrual Disorders are set right”

I’m no more troubled with Leucorrhoea

“I’m no more troubled with Leucorrhoea

My Breast Enlargement dream is a reality now

I always wanted to have a great figure but the size of my breasts was bit small which made me unattractive. I was quite depressed thinking who can actually help me in getting my dream figure. My friend suggested me to contact Dr. Jyoti of Dr Monga Clinic. I took an appointment and met her. She analyzed my case and provided the needful treatment for breast enlargement. Now after about 7-8 months, I am a happy woman with a beautiful figure.

Radhika Tiwari, Delhi


Their Relationship Counselling has worked so well for us
I was a bit scared when my parents fixed my marriage. I had very little knowledge about the person whom I was going to marry and about his family too. It was just one month before my marriage when my best friend suggested me to visit Dr. Yuvraj’s clinic to have a pre-marital counseling. I took my fiancé with me at Dr Monga Clinic. The doctor there named Dr. Yuvraj explained the reasons why we needed counseling. He discussed the matters like money, career, sex and kids too with both of us. We really felt free to talk with him and we sorted out many hesitations within our mind, and amazingly we felt at ease before our marriage. We shall remain thankful for the excellent guidance by Dr. Yuvraj.

Rama Saxena, Faridabad

The relationship between me and my husband was not intimate at all even after three years of our marriage. We never felt to be intimate with each other and thus our marriage life was suffering a lot. Then my sister suggested me to consult with the Sexologist in Dr Mong Clinic. Both me and my husband visited there and got friendly counseling on how to make our sexual life better. Today we are a happy couple after that counseling from Dr Yuvraj. Thank you Doctor.

Preeti Jha, Bihar

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