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The modern times with all its technological advancements and inventions have made our life easier and luxurious. It has also made our life more stressful. It is time to go back to the roots and follow the world’s oldest wisdom of life and healthy living, “The Ayurveda”

Dr Monga Clinic is one of the few and leading Ayurveda practitioners in India. History of Dr. Monga Clinic goes back to over 70 years. Our ancestors were the royal medical practitioners and they were very eminent in various royal families because of their precious services, fraternal tips & recipes of Ayurveda.

Through the years, building of Dr. Monga Clinic has been a process of continuous efforts, efficiency, hard work, research and development. A desire to make a healthier and happier society has always stayed at the core of all our efforts and ventures. Today, Dr. Monga Clinic a global name.

After over 70 years of practice, over 6 lakhs of happy and healthier patients and over 40 lakhs fans and followers across the Globe, we are embarking on journey to inspire the modern urban youth to believe in Ayurveda and make a healthy lifestyle choice.

So are you with us in this mission?