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Put simply, Ayurveda (a Sanskrit word meaning the ‘science’ or ‘wisdom of life’) is an ancient philosophy based on a deep understanding of eternal truths about the human body, mind and sprit. Unlike orthodox medicine, it is not based on the frequently changing finding of specific research projects, but rather on permanent, wise eternal principles of living.

Although it originated in the east several thousand years ago, Aurveda could not be more appropriate for present-day Western society, where so many people suffer from stress-related conditions which conventional medicine has been unable to remedy. It is the oldest healing system known and also the most complete. Its logical, commonsense approach to health and living is combined with philosophy, psychology and spiritual guidance.

Ayurveda has an armory of physical treatments, from medication to massage, yoga, cleansing and detoxification programmes, and remedies for such disorders as infertility, impotence, arthritis, hypertension, gastro-intestinal problems, chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. It offers natural, herbal remedies which counteract imbalances in the body and can successfully treat most health problems encountered in the West today. Ayurveda does not treat cancer,  but it is believed that following the Ayurvedic lifestyles can reduce the risk of contracting the disease. It also offers counselling for a range of conditions, advocates meditation and has recommendations for harmonious living and good relationships.