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Hair & Skin Treatment

Hair and Skin define your appearance.  Everyone wants to look good but if they have hair problems or skin problems they lose the battle in leaving a good impression on others.  Hair and skin treatment are thus important.  Hair problems, like dandruff, premature graying, hair fall or hair loss etc. can create a big dent in the self confidence of a person. Similarly, one does not feel comfortable before others, if he or she has skin problems like, itching, allergies, rashes, pimples, acne, etc.

We at Dr Monga Clinic are one of the best hair and skin care clinics in Delhi NCR who have treated thousands of patients suffering from hair and skin problems through our effective remedies consisting of Ayurveda and diet counselling.

There has been number of cases where we were found to be the best Clinic in Delhi NCR by our patients who had unfortunately wasted much time and energy in finding right solutions for their hair skin problems.  They were either misled by so called hair and skin specialists or the root cause of their problem were not correctly diagnosed.  For example, not many know that hair fall can happen due to Thyroid and if that is the case, then until thyroid is detected and treated the problem of hair fall can never be sorted out.  Similarly, Skin Allergies may happen due to problem of constipation so, unless constipation is cured the skin allergies will stay.

Our Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall or hair loss are cent percent ethical and till date not a single case of any side effect has been reported.  Similarly, our patients are more than happy to have consulted us for their skin problems and have got rid of those through Ayurvedic methods.

Get best Ayurvedic treatments for hair and skin problems in Delhi, NCR -Dr Monga Call 01146037878.