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Dyspareunia Treatment - Painful Intercourse Treatment

Painful Sexual Intercourse is a condition that can occur due to various reasons. It can be a psychological concern or a structural problem. Most women may face this problem at least once in their lifetime. Dyspareunia the medical term for painful sexual intercourse means a recurrent or persistent genital pain that a woman may have before, during, or after sexual intercourse.

If you experience pain while having sex, you should inform your doctor and seek the necessary sexual intercourse problem treatment to help lessen or eliminate the cause of the pain. Before recommending a particular painful intercourse treatment, the doctor would diagnose the reason behind the pain. the medical evaluation would consist of factors like

  • Understanding your medical history by asking you a set of questions like any medical conditions, when you started experiencing pain, your surgical and sexual history, or even if you have undergone any particular hormonal treatment like a sex change and so on.
  • Conducting a pelvic exam to check for anatomical problems, infections, or skin irritation by applying light pressure on the pelvic muscles and genitals.
  • Your doctor may also recommend an ultrasound or any other test to help you get the proper treatment for your problem.
dyspareunia signs symptoms

Symptoms of painful sexual intercourse

A recurrent pain while having sex is not a good sign. You have to make sure that you find out the root cause of the problem and treat it accordingly. Not only will this bring back the confidence you have, but it will also help your self-image, emotional intimacy, and overall sex life. When a woman experiences painful sexual intercourse, she may have symptoms like

  • Pain during penetration
  • Pain even while putting a tampon
  • She may experience deep pain during thrusting
  • Aching or burning pain
  • Long-lasting throbbing pain even after the intercourse

Causes of Painful sexual intercourse

There are many reasons why a woman has painful sexual intercourse. To understand the cause of the pain, the doctor will first understand where and what kind of pain you are experiencing. For example, some women experience pain during deep thrusting; some may experience it during penetration. Sometimes, the pain may also be because of an emotional factor. Let us look at the causes in detail.

  • The pain experienced during the entry or penetration would be due to factors like
  • There is not enough lubrication because of a drop in estrogen levels, not enough foreplay, or side effects of a particular medicine such as blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, etc.
  • It can also be due to irritation, trauma, or injury due to a pelvic surgery and accident, enlarged birth canal, or female circumcision,
  • skin disorder, infection, or inflation because of skin conditions like eczema in the genital area
  • Vaginismus or involuntary spasms of the vaginal wall muscles
  • Congenital abnormalities like vaginal agenesis (underdeveloped vagina), imperforate hymen, etc.

Deep pain

  • Deep pain occurs during deep penetration and can also be due to certain positions due to
  • Certain conditions or illnesses such as ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.
  • Medical treatments and surgeries like hysterectomy or scarring due to pelvic surgery. Medical treatments can include chemotherapy, radiation, or any other such cancer-related therapy that makes sex painful.

Emotional factors

In any sexual activity, emotions play an essential role, and emotional factors can also result in sexual pain. The causes for emotional aspects can include

Psychological issues such as fear of relationships or intimacy, lack of self-esteem, or if you do not like the way you look, depression, anxiety, etc.

Chronic stress can tighten the pelvic floor muscles and can cause pain while having sex.

A history of sexual abuse as a child or even as an adult due to which you would need a sexual intercourse problem treatment or therapy.

Treatment for painful sexual intercourse in Delhi

The doctor will recommend the necessary treatment of painful sexual intercourse after conducting the required tests or checking the reports. Sometimes, the patient would have to undergo a treatment that may consist of a combination of medicines and therapy. Mentioned below are the two main treatment options.

Prescription medicines

If a woman has a particular medical condition or infection that results in pain during sex, the doctor will prescribe medicines to resolve the issue. Sometimes, a change in medications would also eliminate the symptoms and be the cause of lubrication problems like low estrogen levels. You would need to speak to your doctor and tell him/her precisely what is happening in such cases.

Application of medicine

In cases where there is a rash or scarring or any other skin issue, the doctor may prescribe a cream or gel to apply in the affected area.

Suggest therapy

If the doctor recommends therapy as a part of the painful intercourse treatment, it may include

  • Desensitization therapy will help you to learn a few exercises to decrease pain and relax the vaginal area.
  • Sex therapy or counseling will be advisable when the patient has a negative response or emotional problem while having sex.

Other methodologies for the treatment of painful sexual intercourse would include

  • Changing positions to avoid experience pain during thrusting wherein the woman goes on top and has more control over how deep the penetration should be.
  • Communicating to your partner and guiding them accordingly to help them understand when it starts hurting the most
  • Taking things slowly by focusing more on foreplay to help in the stimulation of the bodys natural lubricant
  • The doctor may also prescribe lubricants that you can use while having sex if your body does not produce enough natural lubrication.


Q: Can a woman experience sexual pain if she is pregnant?

Ans:Yes, during pregnancy, a woman may experience sexual pain because her body undergoes many hormonal changes. As a partner, you would need to ensure that you take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that you go slow while having sex during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

Q: Can a woman sustain an injury while having sex, and if yes, then what are the situations?

AnsYes, sustaining an injury is one reason why a woman may have to undergo a sexual intercourse problem treatment. For example, a woman may sustain an injury in case of a forceful entry like rape, rough use of sex toys, etc

Q: My lower abdomen hurts a lot while I have sex; what should I do?

Ans:The lower abdominal pain may generally be due to gas and constipation. However, during or after sexual activity, it could be because of the intensity of muscle contraction that may cause cramps. It is always best to consult a doctor to understand if you would need to undergo a treatment of painful sexual intercourse or resolve it without any medication.

Q: Why do I have a burning sensation during or after sex?

AnsOne of the main reasons a woman may experience a burning sensation during or after sex is hypersensitive nerve endings in the vagina. This condition is known as vulvodynia or vestibulodynia.

Q:Why do I have pelvic pain after having sex?

Ans You might have pelvic pain if the penetration was too deep. It can also be due to an infection like an STI or sexually transmitted infection, thrush, or even during menopause. You would need to undergo a painful intercourse treatment after undergoing specific tests or scans in such cases.

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